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National Narrative Against Terrorism دہشت گردی کے خلاف قومی بیانیہ تاریخی فتویٰ ’’پیغام پاکستان‘‘

تمام مسالک کے علماء کے دستخطوں سے تیار کر دہ تاریخی فتویٰ ’’پیغام پاکستان‘‘ کے متفقہ فتویٰ پر ۹۲۸۱ علماء نے د...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Americans penetrate TTP Taliban in large numbers to create anarchy and control Pak Nuclear Weapons

Americans planned 10 years back to infiltrate ranks of Taliban with 10,000 well trained US soldiers to destabilise Pakistan, control Af-Pak and central Asia . These American are well trained, they speak Pushto, wear Pushtun dress. Recent terrorist may be their work along with local Talibans, who are mislead and deceived to  play as tool in their hands. Americans want to keep Pakistan weak, show to the world that Pakistan [only Nuclear Muslim power]

is too weak to keep nuclear weapons safely which can fall in to the hands of terrorists. They also want to keep control over vast oil fields of Caspian sea / central Asia  which is 7 times more than oil of Middle East. This was written by Frederick Forsyth 10 years ago in his fictional novel, which appears to be a reality now. The Lawrence of Arabia - replay on grand scale.....
Attack on strategic targets like Mehran Naval Base and now at PAF Kamrah indicate the selection of targets and intelligence, money, technology and training which USA could provide. The foot soldiers are normally local misguided indoctrinated fools. Sectarian killing is well organised like replay of Shia-Sunni split in Iraq. In reality there is no sectarianism among people of Pakistan, which has a Shia President Asif Ali Zardri and Bhutto family.
Zardari and Haqqani provided visas to hundreds of Americans like Raymond Davis who are no more traceable, powerful Military and ISI also kept quiet reason unknown making little noise appears just to keep record right; 'we said so, I told you that'.

'THE AFGHAN' is a chilling story of modern terrorism from the grandmaster of international intrigue. T he Day of the Jackal, The Dogs of War, The Odessa File-the books of Frederick Forsyth have helped define the international thriller as we know it today. Combining meticulous research with crisp narratives and plots as current as the headlines, Forsyth shows us the world as it is in a way that few have ever been able to equal. And the world as it is today is a very scary place. When British and American intelligence catch wind of a major Al Qaeda operation in the works, they instantly galvanize- but to do what? They know nothing about it: the what, where, or when. They have no sources in Al Qaeda, and it's impossible to plant someone. Impossible, unless . . . The Afghan is Izmat Khan, a five-year prisoner of Guant namo Bay and a former senior commander of the Taliban. The Afghan is also Colonel Mike Martin, a twenty-five-year veteran of war zones around the world-a dark, lean man born and raised in Iraq. In an attempt to stave off disaster, the intelligence agencies will try to do what no one has ever done before-pass off a Westerner as an Arab among Arabs-pass off Martin as the trusted Khan. It will require extraordinary preparation, and then extraordinary luck, for nothing can truly prepare Martin for the dark and shifting world into which he is about to enter. Or for the terrible things he will find there. Filled with remarkable detail and compulsive drama, The Afghanis further proof that Forsyth is truly master of suspense. [A book review]