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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sallafis, Takfiris, CIA and RAW Joined Hands

Takfiris Sallafis are rather recently emerged sects, originating from Saudi Arabia and said to be an "improvement" over the well known Wahhabi. Both of these two sects want to ensure that every Muslim must go to Heaven, as they claim to be Muslims, themselves. However, the method of ensuring is somewhat rough and unique to themselves and not what the Islam teaches. They both want, firstly all Muslims to start thinking, living, behaving in a way they preach, demand, not necessarily follow; and secondly, to quickly despatch those who do not fit in their perception of being Muslims to the next world. Method of despatch is usually slaughter to strike terror in the hearts of all. 
Sallafis are trying to kill every Shia, not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan as they consider them 'non-believers'. Takfiris also believe that all Muslims not fitting their own description of being a Muslim must be despatched to the next world. The master mind of Parade Lane's attack on the mosque in Rawalpindi, where from children to elderly were praying to Allah, was asked if he had any remorse of killing people at Juma Prayers, including children. His answer was, sending "munafiqeen" to death was the right thing to do, earlier the better. He had no regrets.*
Ahsan, spokesperson of TTP has told journalists that the Tehrik was not interested in US leaving Afghanistan, or Pak Army's operations or otherwise; it only wants enforcement of Sharia in Pakistan, by them. Shariah of their perceptions. Any disagreement will be met with death to the  dissenting or non-complying men, women, children, all.
Those who talk of "negotiating with TTP" are taking the nature of TTP in consideration. Taliban, are not simple Pashtuns, following age old Pashtunwali.They are nowhere near Pashtunwali.
This group, or for that matter all militants, insurgents and active supporters of militancy/extremism in the name of Islam are gone past the stage of negotiating. TTP has been very cleverly high jacked by CIA and RAW handlers. That is clearly betrayed by the selection of targets, types of munition, supply of most modern and expensive force multipliers that they employ for sabotage and terrorism. 
All military actions ( or terror actions as they fall in the category of violence and thus are indeed military actions) are meant to create effects. The smaller effects limited in Time and Space are called Tactical, major effects are called Operational and the effects which can influence the capability of war waging are called Strategic Effects. The TTP has been
trying to create strategic effects by their attacks. Who is so qualified to pick up their targets, timings, night vision devices, satellite pictures and a range of multiple weapons suited for creating strategic effects? Who procures and pays-for this very expensive and not available off-the-shelf military hardware?The Mullahs? These are professionals from RAW and CIA with some hand of Mossad also. US and Indian tax-payers are the ultimate paymasters.
Now in this scenario, Imran Khan wants to visit NW! He has some well known attributes;  known to be a liberal, honest patriot, a ray of hope for most Pakistanis who are fed up with the two known parties and their coalition partners. He personifies a breath of fresh air for Pakistanis. However, Imran Khan also qualifies even from Sallafi/Takfiris perspective, but not as a prospective future leader, but as a target to be killed. 
Then there are enemies of Pakistan, who have been trying their best to foment insurgency in Balochistan and FATA,  killing Chinese engineers working on projects in Pakistan, all with a view to destabilise and isolate Pakistan to achieve their strategic objectives. Would they let a new leader emerge who sounds sincere to Pakistan and is audacious enough to stand up to the bullies? They will ensure that through the TTP Imran Khan is killed. Did't they get Benazir killed?*
Imran Khan can be accompanied by a million people, but against suicide bombing and IEDs the defences start crumbling. A succession of determined suicide bombers WILL reach the target.
Will someone council Imran Khan, please?*