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National Narrative Against Terrorism دہشت گردی کے خلاف قومی بیانیہ تاریخی فتویٰ ’’پیغام پاکستان‘‘

تمام مسالک کے علماء کے دستخطوں سے تیار کر دہ تاریخی فتویٰ ’’پیغام پاکستان‘‘ کے متفقہ فتویٰ پر ۹۲۸۱ علماء نے د...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

National Counter-terrorism Narrative

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The most common approach to deal with insurgencies, terrorism, or internal violence is to use the forces to establish law and order in the affected areas. .In most of the cases, this has not been a successful strategy. Even when these measures are successful in defeating the extremism or terrorism, the human cost associated with military operations is very high. The way out of the current impasse is to promote culture of tolerance and moderation through good governance which is essentially a strategy of social, political and economic reforms .Peshawar school massacre of 16 December 2014 in which nearly 150 children lost their lives, was a watershed event in the history of Pakistan. Prime Minister of Pakistan while announcing the National Action Plan on 25 December 2014 has very rightly said that the December 16 massacre has drawn a line. On one side are coward terrorists and on the side stands the whole nation. This incident changed the thinking of the whole nation. A consensus was developed between the civil and military leadership to clear the country from the menace of terrorism. The uncertain and ambiguous narrative on counter terrorism was replaced with a new united national narrative to curb terrorism. Earlier the diverse and divided counter terrorism narrative created societal confusions and polarizations. As a result, successive Pakistani governments have failed to get public support against terrorists.>>>>>>
National Counter-terrorism Narrative : Islamabad Policy Research Institute

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