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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Identify the real enemy

ARE we still too naive to determine our enemy?
Certainly not, but only if we have common sense and we keep our eyes wide open.
We must also keep in mind that the enemy is non-traditional, in the sense that it does not only want to encroach on our physical spaces, but also ideological, social, cultural and political ones, in order to disrupt the social fabric.
This enemy is more dangerous because it is internal; it lives within us and can hurt us from within.
It can poison our thinking slowly, without being noticed.
It wants to impose certain religious, ideological and social agendas against the collective will and order of the people.
It employs violence to achieve its goals.
Sometimes it only incites violence and creates an enabling environment for its violent ideological brothers.
The state has to take constitutional, legal and security measures to deal with its enemies.
But when our state functionaries appear to have lost the ability to recognise the enemy within us, it can be inferred that the enemy has accomplished its job. Keep reading 》》》》

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