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National Narrative Against Terrorism دہشت گردی کے خلاف قومی بیانیہ تاریخی فتویٰ ’’پیغام پاکستان‘‘

تمام مسالک کے علماء کے دستخطوں سے تیار کر دہ تاریخی فتویٰ ’’پیغام پاکستان‘‘ کے متفقہ فتویٰ پر ۹۲۸۱ علماء نے د...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pakistani Taliban and Mullah Fazal Ullah Mullah Radio

Updates on TTP: >>>>>

Target: Pakistan: New TTP chief

WITH a single appointment, the TTP has sent across a host of unwelcome messages. First, it has signalled that its... >>>>>>>
"Jihad ? " by Taliban against Muslims and Islam 
A damaged mosque is seen at the site of a bomb attack in the Spin Tal region of Hangu district, bordering North Waziristan in October 3, 2013. (Reuters )

The divides over drones

WHAT the drone strike last week has achieved is that it has removed the recent confusion in the opposing camps in... >>>>>>>

Reality and self-delusion

HERE’S some folk wisdom from Kentucky that is good advice for sensible people: there’s no education to be had... >>>>>>

To what end?: Talks with the Taliban

THE government wanted it and the opposition has granted it, but no one has quite been able to explain any of it:... >>>>>