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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pakistani Taliban and Mullah Fazal Ullah Mullah Radio

Updates on TTP: >>>>>

Target: Pakistan: New TTP chief

WITH a single appointment, the TTP has sent across a host of unwelcome messages. First, it has signalled that its... >>>>>>>
"Jihad ? " by Taliban against Muslims and Islam 
A damaged mosque is seen at the site of a bomb attack in the Spin Tal region of Hangu district, bordering North Waziristan in October 3, 2013. (Reuters )

The divides over drones

WHAT the drone strike last week has achieved is that it has removed the recent confusion in the opposing camps in... >>>>>>>

Reality and self-delusion

HERE’S some folk wisdom from Kentucky that is good advice for sensible people: there’s no education to be had... >>>>>>

To what end?: Talks with the Taliban

THE government wanted it and the opposition has granted it, but no one has quite been able to explain any of it:... >>>>>